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Individuals generally have tendency of losing their mobile phones either because of carelessness or because of increasing theft and robbery rates. For such crucial times, we have introduced mobile number locator that will help you in tracing your lost phone. This software can be downloaded and installed on your system. As per preferences and ratings provided by existing users, the mobile locator offered here is the best. It not just allows you to track your mobile in case if it gets lost but also helps you know where your family member is, track travel route of employee, locate friends, and lots more. This is highly user-friendly and popular application that helps you track several activities just by sitting at one place.

This application can be made to run invisibly on target device for tracking all activities like web history, emails, text messages, GPS location, call log history, calendar updates, and much more. To install it, users require following few simple and easy steps provided in its user manual. Mobile number locator will trace general information of target mobile numbers. With the help of this application, you can find Country codes as well as STD codes. It includes in-built STD code finder, Mobile number finder, and country code finder. There are several mobile tracker applications available in the market but all don’t guarantee expected results. This is one of the best tracking devices you will ever come across. Few features of this trace mobile number application are detailed below:

This track phone application allows users to view all outgoing/incoming calls with timestamp and duration.

One of the most commendable aspects of this tracker is that it remains hidden from the outside world. This means no other device or person other than the user will be aware of this application. It can even track locations where applications based on GPS fail. It offers you added feature that is provision of extra mobile phone tracking tools. This ensures that users have complete record of activities existing in mobile that is under surveillance. It works by recording all activities. It is compatible with nearly all devices, be it smartphone, tablet, iphone, or any other.

It isn’t just a normal mobile tracker instead it allows users to review outgoing/incoming Texts, IMs, email as well as scroll web browsing history. You can listen to each and every call that is received or made by the targeted phone. It allows users to view videos and even pictures. Whatsapp chat conversations can also be tracked with exact time and date. This software also allows tracking of Facebook messenger chat. It comes with 24×7 customer support where there are experienced representatives waiting on the other end to answer your call.

Some people also call this safety and monitoring application as spying application because of the wide range of tracking activities that it supports like monitoring of keystrokes, SMS, videos, images, GPS location, email, WhatsApp, Skype, web history, and so on. The user interface of this mobile phone locator is user-friendly and interactive so as to allow both experienced and novice system users to operate this tool.

For using its features you don’t require special skills or any sort of programming knowledge. It works in three steps. The first step is to download this extremely helpful tool from here. The second step is to install it, and the third step is to start monitoring. There are several mobile phone locators available in both online and offline market that work on different technologies. This application works on Global Positioning System also called GPS system. It is because of this technology that you get the most accurate results thereby helping you in tracking your mobile. GPS system not just provides real time data but it also offers historical navigation data.

Now you can monitor logs of outgoing and incoming calls, emails, SMS texts, messaging applications like Twitter, Windows Live, Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, and lots more. It also gives GPS location tracking wherein you get contacts file of target phone. Calendar data can also be viewed using this tool. It operates with simple processes. All information that users want about targeted phone will be sent to servers of this application that will be maintained by manufacturers. Hence, if targeted user deletes information on their phone, the data has already been captured and is there safe in servers. In order to view that data, users are required to raise request after which they will be able to view it through their safe and secured control panels from any browser.

Mobile Number Locator

Addition feature of this tool is its Live control panel that is an optional add-on features offered. The work of this add-on is to bring real-time tracking. It allows users to monitor mobile phones when they are moving from one location to the other. This means you don’t require waiting for scheduled log updates. It is quiet a handy feature that works well in case the monitored mobile phone gets stolen or lost as you have each minute location reporting available. A highly attractive feature of this tool is that it comes with 30 days trial version. This version contains almost all features but with paid version you get few additional features. The aim to offer trial version to users is to allow them to experience features and functionalities of this tool. Once they are satisfied, they can go for paid version that is available at highly reasonable rates.

There are three main packages that are offered namely silver, gold, and diamond. Each package comes with different set of features and functionalities so that customers can select one that best suits them without wasting money on other features that they don’t need. It is compatible with nearly all browser versions like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even Safari. Auto-update is another unique feature of this tool. This means whenever some update is available, this tool will get updated automatically hence users don’t have to waste their time in updating the tool manually.

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